Unscheduled Outage - DC Power Event - 12am


Incident Resolved

  • A complete incident report has been received from our datacentre provider.
  • The cause of the outage was a total loss of power at our outsourced datacentre location, that affected all customers at the location - it is a large and popular location.
  • The root cause of the incident is cited as a loss of power in the external local power network in the region of the datacentre, that in turn caused a cascade of subsequent failures in the location related to damage of the power equipment the protected customer equipment during the outage, and cooling equipment failure for power generation onsite.
  • Unfortunately due to various circumstances, the combination of failures results in an extended power loss that otherwise would not have occurred.
  • There is no additional action we could have taken ourselves to prevent an occurrence of the outage.

Future Tasks

  • We are introducing in a short time frame, additional geographic redundancy for DNS services that had become unreachable during the power outage at this location.
  • We are adding additional redundant notification methods for customers to receive incident notices. This status page remains our primary method of notification.


  • We are currently awaiting an incident report from the datacentre provider as to the events which lead to a total power failure onsite, and will keep this incident open until we can provide a closing update.


  • We have restored the affected services, and your normal service should now be resumed.
  • Please report any issues as normal.
  • We will continue to work through and test all services before we close this incident.
  • A post-incident review will be conducted soon and any actions that need to be taken to remediate issues that occurred will be taken and shared.

Next Update

  • After 4 hours without outage, this incident will be closed


  • A power event in our Datacenter overnight has left some of our systems unavailable. We are working to restore connections ASAP

Date \ Time

  • 02/03/2023 - 12am

Service Impact

  • Hosted services including: VPS, DNS, Web, Ezymail

Customer Impact

  • All customers connected to our network, and those who use us for DNS hosting


  • Access to the Internet can be restore be changing a devices DNS servers temporarily. Suggest

Estimated Time of Repair

  • Currently unknown

Next Update

  • We will post the next update in 30
10 Affected Services: