Unscheduled Outage - Internet Service - 8.30AM


Incident Resolved

  • We believe this incident is resolved, we are seeing normally levels of connectivity and stabilized connections
  • We will continue to monitor the situation


  • We have conducted some urgent changes which we believe have stabilized the issue and prevented an ongoing outage. Number of connected and stable customers appears where expected now.
  • If you are experiencing issues now, please reboot your router, wait a few minutes and test it again and if still having issues, please contact our Support team
  • This incident will remain open for further updates as we monitor the situation

Estimated Time of Repair

  • Now

Next Update

  • 9.30AM


  • We are seeing symptoms of the same or similar issue as a occurred on Wednesday this week, where customer connections were have trouble authenticating and updating against our servers
  • We are urgently investigating this issue
  • Some customers may have intermittent or ongoing issues obtaining internet access on our network

Date \ Time

  • 24/07 8.30AM

Service Impact

  • Internet connectivity

Customer Impact

  • May impact all customers
  • Intermittent or ongoing disconnection from internet access and resources

Estimated Time of Repair

  • Unknown until more investigation is completed

Next Update

  • 9.30AM
2 Affected Services: