Unscheduled Outage - Napier Datacentre - 16/11 1:16pm


Incident Resolved

  • This incident is now resolved. All services have been restored

    Future Tasks

  • An incident report will be published
Problem identifiziert

Ezymail and Web Hosting services have mostly been restored.
A number of VPS servers are back online
Engineers are busy restoring remaining services.

Problem identifiziert

Network services have been restored. Engineers are working on restoring servers

Next update: 1hr

Problem identifiziert

Our engineers have identified the issue and are working to restore services

Next update: 30m


Our engineers are still attempting to determine the cause of the outage

Next update: 30m



  • The Napier Datacentre appears to have gone offline

Date \ Time

  • Tue 16 Nov 11:16pm

Service Impact

  • All services hosted in the Napier Datacentre are impacted

Customer Impact

  • Customers with Ezymail, Web Hosting and Hosted VPS


  • N/A

Estimated Time of Repair

  • Unknown at this time

Next Update

  • 30m
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