MSP Backup Complete

Hazard Notice - MSP Backup - 18/12 2PM



  • We have been advised by our software vendor that the digital certificate chain for our MSP Backup Complete software may have been compromised, which may allow a remote attacker access to a computer system running older versions of this software.
  • A security patch has been released and automatically applied to all agents we could contact that were online
  • Please check your backup software is up to date with the latest patches
  • To do so, please open the “Backup Manager” software on your computer, and check the version number is at least or higher
  • On Windows, Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Check for “Backup Manager” in the list, and check the Version number
  • If your computer has a version less than, please leave your computer powered on, connected to the internet, and contact our Support Teams who can order an update to the software remotely. This update needs to be completed before the 23rd of this month or your backup service may be interrupted.

Notice Period

  • Ongoing

Service Impact

  • MSP Backup Complete

Customer Impact

  • Please ensure you are running an patched version of this software