Scheduled Outage - Albany Datacenter - 20/08/19 - 1am-6am

Underhåll planlagt


  • During this outage window, we will be moving some network devices to a new rack.

Outage Window

  • Tuesday August 20th - 1am to 6am - Expect to see 2-3 outages of up to 5min duration

Service Impact

  • Napier backhaul
  • Mozzie backups
  • Access to some hosted servers

Customer Impact

  • Internet traffic from Hawkes Bay will swap over to the backup link, which may be reduce speed for HB customers
  • Mozzie backups will be interrupted
  • The following customers will have access to services disrupted:
    • Stratanet
    • Number 8 Retail
    • National Pacs
    • GlobalSafeware-RetroClothing
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