Unscheduled Outage - Webmail/Some Webhosting - 31/05/19 7am


Incident Resolved

  • This issue has been resolved. All services should now be operating correctly

Future Tasks

  • We are working with our vendors to ensure that issue does not recur


  • Our engineers have identified the problem and are working to restore services.

Estimated Time of Repair

  • 60m

Next Update

  • 30m


  • The service on two of our hosting servers are down. This is affecting access to Webmail for some customers. And Website access for others. Mail delivery is not affected
    Our engineers are working on resolving the issue

Date \ Time

  • 31/05/2019 - 7am

Service Impact

  • Web access for Ezymail customer. Some webhosting customers

Customer Impact

  • Access to webmail. Some customer websites will be down


  • Customers can still send/receive email via normal email programs

Estimated Time of Repair

  • Unknown at this time

Next Update

  • 1hr
2 Affected Services: