Connectivity - Fibre

Scheduled Outage - Chorus Fibre (Multiple) 01:00



  • Planned Chorus network service outage

Outage Window

  • 16/04 01:00 to 16/04 06:00

Service Impact

  • Chorus Fibre customers’ Internet connectivity (Multiple)
  • Chorus HOL links:
    Napier/ Taupo/Palmerston North/Christchurch

    Customer Impact

  • There will be up to 20 minutes outage during the maintenance time window for Fibre customers connected to the following Chorus elements

Element Location Exchange Impacted Services
AVD-POLT01 Auckland Avondale 4
AVD-POLT02 Auckland Avondale 1
BHB-POLT01 Auckland Blockhouse Bay 1
BV-POLT01 Napier-Hastings District Bay View 1
CH-ETH201 Christchurch Christchurch 1
FME-POLT01 Napier-Hastings District Flaxmere 3
GLE-POLT02 Auckland Glen Eden 2
GLE-POLT04 Auckland Glen Eden 2
GLE-POLT06 Auckland Glen Eden 1
GLT-POLT01 Timaru District Gleniti 5
HBN-POLT02 Napier-Hastings District Hastings 4
HBN-POLT03 Napier-Hastings District Hastings 3
HBN-POLT04 Napier-Hastings District Hastings 2
HMN-POLT01 Napier-Hastings District Haumoana 1
HVN-POLT01 Napier-Hastings District Havelock North 7
HVN-POLT02 Napier-Hastings District Havelock North 4
HVN-POLT03 Napier-Hastings District Havelock North 1
JV-POLT02 Wellington Johnsonville 1
MAW-POLT01 Napier-Hastings District Marewa 5
MAW-POLT02 Napier-Hastings District Marewa 3
MAW-POLT03 Napier-Hastings District Marewa 3
MAW-POLT05 Napier-Hastings District Marewa 1
MKY-POLT01 Auckland Manukau City 3
MKY-POLT02 Auckland Manukau City 1
MKY-POLT03 Auckland Manukau City 1
MRE-POLT01 Auckland Mangere 1
MRE-POLT02 Auckland Mangere 1
NA-ETH201 Napier-Hastings District Napier 2
NA-POLT02 Napier-Hastings District Napier 11
NA-POLT03 Napier-Hastings District Napier 18
NA-POLT04 Napier-Hastings District Napier 3
NLN-POLT01 Auckland New Lynn 3
NLN-POLT02 Auckland New Lynn 1
NLN-POLT05 Auckland New Lynn 1
NN-POLT01 Nelson District Nelson 1
OAA-POLT01 Auckland Otara 4
OH-POLT01 Auckland Otahuhu 4
PLM-POLT01 Porirua Plimmerton 2
PM-ETH201 Palmerston North Palmerston North 1
PM-POLT02 Palmerston North Palmerston North 1
POP-POLT03 Auckland Papatoetoe 1
POP-POLT04 Auckland Papatoetoe 3
POP-POLT05 Auckland Papatoetoe 1
POP-POLT09 Auckland Papatoetoe 2
TDL-POLT01 Napier-Hastings District Taradale 6
TDL-POLT02 Napier-Hastings District Taradale 3
TDL-POLT03 Napier-Hastings District Taradale 1
TGN-POLT01 Auckland Titirangi 1
TPO-ETH201 Taupo District Taupo 1
TPO-POLT02 Taupo District Taupo 1
TPO-POLT04 Taupo District Taupo 2
TPO-POLT05 Taupo District Taupo 1
TU-POLT01 Timaru District Timaru 18
TU-POLT02 Timaru District Timaru 14
TU-POLT03 Timaru District Timaru 9
TU-POLT04 Timaru District Timaru 4
TWA-POLT02 Wellington Tawa 1
WAY-POLT01 Timaru District Washdyke 5