Unscheduled Outage - Name Server services - 10.30am


Incident Resolved

  • We have restored our DNS records and services.
  • All services should be back to normal, if you were impacted at all. Please refresh or reopen any affected apps or browser windows.


  • Our primary DNS zone for the domain horizonpacific.com is currently unavailable

Date \ Time

  • Today, 10.30am approximately.

Service Impact

  • All services attached to the domain horizonpacific.com will be unavailable

Customer Impact

  • All customers affected
  • DNS records attached to horizonpacific.com will not work. Services attached to those records may become unavailable if not already cached by your network equipment
  • This includes: OutlookAnywhere, DesktopAnywhere, SMTP, Monitoring, various other services.


  • No work around is available. We expect your device to continue to cache NS records and maintain existing sessions/connections.

Estimated Time of Repair

  • ETA 5-10 minutes

Next Update

  • 10 minutes
4 Affected Services: