Connectivity - Fibre

Unscheduled Outage - Auckland Chorus HOL - 9/4/19 - 1:30am


Incident Resolved

  • All services appear to now be operating as usual

Future Tasks

  • Infrastructure will be following up with Chorus to determine the cause of this outage


  • At 1:30am there was an outage on the Auckland Chorus Handover link affecting our UFB customers.
    Invesitigation showed that no light was being recieved on the handover port, indicating a failure within Chorus network.

Date \ Time

  • Tues 9 April 1:30am

Service Impact

  • Auckland UFB Chorus Handover Link

Customer Impact

  • Auckland UFB customers will have experienced loss of connectivity during this outage


  • N/A

Estimated Time of Repair

  • Service was restored at 1:52am

Next Update

  • N/A